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Master of Mass Communication* + PGDAR**
Eligibility :Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
Duration :2 Years
*Degree will be awarded by ‘A’ Grade NAAC (UGC) Accredited Govt. University.
**Autonomous programs conducted by the Institute.
Objective:Mass communication is the primary means by which our society relays news, information, and entertainment to the public. Technological advances have promoted instantaneous, global, and persistent presentation of images and ideas, both positive and negative. In this age of media convergence, however, these traditional barriers are almost nonexistent. Therefore, we aims to prepare all students to communicate meaningful messages successfully, utilizing print, still and moving images, audio and multimedia technologies.

Lumsum Annual FeeDurationMode of learningFee per YearELIGIBILITY
MMC* + PGDAR**2 YearsFull Time Programme80,000/-Graduation
in any stream

At the time of Admission20,000/-20,000/-
1st Installment-1st Week of August6,500/-6,500/-
2nd Installment-1st Week of September6,500/-6,500/-
3rd Installment- 1st Week of October6,500/-6,500/-
4th Installment- 1st Week of November6,500/-6,500/-
5th Installment- 1st Week of December6,500/-6,500/-
6th Installment- 1st Week of January6,500/-6,500/-
7th Installment- 1st Week of February6,500/-6,500/-
8th Installment- 1st Week of March6,500/-6,500/-
9th Installment- 1st Week of April13,000/-13,000/-

Course Curriculum : Master of Mass Communication

1st Year

  • Human Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media
  • Advertising & Corporate
  • Production Portfolio-1
  • Basic Camera Handling
  • Video Editing (FCP)
  • Sound Recording
  • Graphic Designing
  • Radio Production
  • News Paper Production
  • Anchoring & Reporting
  • Advertising Production
  • Public Relation Industry
2nd Year

  • Media Writing
  • Media production
  • Media Management
  • Media Laws
  • Media Research
  • Production Portfolio-2
  • TV Production
  • Film Documentary
  • Video Editing (FCP)
  • Advertising Production