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Digital Editing & Camera Handling





1 Year Full Time Program


10+2 or equivalent examination from Board of Education/CBSE or any other recognized Board.

Digital Editing Training

Editing video is a motion activity, the play of light, color, and graphics. And beyond all that, it’s all about way of thinking. The course teaches the students the art and craft of editing videos. The course explores techniques that can be applied in a range of non-linear editing programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro. IIMMI pays great attention to comprehensive digital video editing skills as well as making students experience and uncovering the fascination behind the video modification. Challenging roles in the field includes editing a commercial, an interview, a narrative scene, a music video, a video diary, a text title sequence and so on. Like our Digital Video Editing Course, our editing workshops are particularly useful for aspiring documentary makers, journalists who want to expand their skill set, and voluntary sector workers who want to edit their own films.

We particularly recommend this course to individuals who want to add editing skills to their repertoire.


We teach primarily on Final Cut Pro, but offer students a chance to trial and compare Adobe Premiere and others software’s too. As well as teach students the ins and outs of the editing software, we teach workflow techniques: essentially how to turn unorganized raw footage into an ordered final project. Our course will provide all the students with a solid foundation of practical knowledge and a working understanding of editing software, from importing, marking, logging and editing, to adding soundtracks and effects. Each student will have sole or pair use of a computer, giving everyone extensive hands-on experience.


What will you learn?
• How to use Final Cut Pro
• An introduction to Adobe Premiere and Other Editing software
• Editing basics, cutting, moving and arranging clips
• Transitions and effects
• Workflow techniques
• Use of logging, key words and database to organize your edit
• Creating titles
• Using sound
• Importing and exporting media
• Uploading on­line, basic intro to codecs and formatsScript Writing


Camera handling and Photography

The course helps the students in enhancing the skills in specialized areas of holding and handling a camera. The students are introduced and trained in techniques to produce high quality images and sound for documentary and drama. IIMMI’s students learn the advanced features from passionate, experienced and professional photographers. We offer hands-on practice in video camera operation and camera technique both digital and traditional film SLR camera techniques; Master the techniques of the pros and capture the perfect click every time. This practical knowledge helps our students gaining an edge in internship as well as at their workplace. Regardless of which camera one uses, IIMMI’s professionals will teach you to make a professional click of any picture you click.


What will you learn?
• Preparing a shoot
• How to use a digital camera (focus, white balance, aperture, formats etc.)
• How to use microphones
• Framing, camera movements, cutaways and other techniques and tips
• How to conduct and shoot an interview
• Shooting on location
• The principles of lighting, both natural and artificial
• Filming to edit



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